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Change of First Name or Last Name

In base agli artt. 84 e seguenti del D.P.R. 396 del 3.11.2000, per ottenere il riconoscimento nell’ordinamento italiano dei cambiamenti e delle modifiche di nome o cognome disposti nel Paese di origine, è necessario inoltrare (direttamente o tramite l’Ambasciata previo appuntamento consolare attraverso il servizio Prenot@Mi per i “servizi consolari”) al Prefetto competente in Italia (o corrispondente al Comune di iscrizione AIRE) l’Istanza motivata di cambiamento o modifica del proprio nome o cognome

Modification of First Name or Surname:

Pursuant to art. 84 et seq. of Presidential Decree 396 of 3.11.2000, in order to obtain recognition in the Italian legal system of changes and modifications to one’s name or surname made in one’s country of origin, it is necessary to submit (directly or through the Embassy after making a consular appointment through the Prenot@Mi service for ‘consular services’) to the competent Prefect in Italy (or corresponding to the AIRE registration Municipality) a reasoned request to change or modify one’s name or surname on stamped paper:

The following must be attached to the application:

  • Declaration of substitution of certification confirming the personal details, Italian citizenship, residence and family status, the non-existence of pending loads in Italy and the conformity of the procedure with local laws;
  • declaration of consent (to be made at the counter) of any co-respondents (e.g. parents, spouses, children of legal age), accompanied by a photocopy of their identity document;
  • a copy of your valid Italian passport or identity card;
  • original documentation of a change of name and/or surname in Colombia (or in the country of birth);
  • any other documentation useful to support the reasons for the request.

The applicant will receive from the Prefect, through the Embassy, the decree authorising the posting of the name or surname change. If the application was submitted directly by the person concerned, the Embassy receives a copy of the application from the Prefecture.

The Embassy of Italy then proceeds to affix the decree on the Consular Register for thirty days to allow for any oppositions.

At the end of posting, the Italian Embassy, at the request of the interested party, returns to the Prefect a copy of the aforementioned decree with a report certifying that it has been posted.

The interested party will therefore receive, again through the Embassy, the decree authorising the change or modification of name or surname, which will be posted on the Consular Register for thirty days.

At the end of this period, at the request of the interested party, the Italian local authority, which will have received the document from the Embassy, will transcribe the decree in the civil-status registers, notifying the Embassy.