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Act of consent

Compatriots, parents of minor children, are informed that from 14 June 2023 it will no longer be necessary to present the act of consent of the other parent for the purpose of issuing their identity document (passport and CIE), pursuant to D.L. 69/2023. Specifically, the new Article 3-bis of L. 1185/1967 indicates that, when there is a real and current danger that due to the transfer abroad it may escape the fulfilment of its obligations to the children, it will be possible for the other parent to request an injunction to issue the document.

The application may be lodged with the competent court at the ordinary court where the child has his habitual residence or, if the child is resident abroad, the Court in whose district his or her municipality of registration AIRE is located.

For the purposes of issuing documents for minors, however, it remains the obligation of the consent signed by both parents or by those who exercise parental responsibility.

The act of consent is a personal declaration that the parent (of any nationality) is required to sign:

For the issuance of passports to the Italian minor child;

For the Italian citizens:

  • the application form (which will be delivered at the counter), to it must be attached a photocopy of the identity document of the person signing the form (passport page where the signature appears or identity document both front and back).

If the person signing the agreement is not a citizen of the European Union, his signature on the form must be authenticated in the following ways:

  • in Embassy for residents in panama;
  • at a police station or a municipal office for those in Italy;
    at an Italian diplomatic and consular mission for those who are abroad in a different consular district of Panama.

NB: The act of consent made by the parent (of any nationality) with a signature certified at a Panamanian notary firm will not be accepted.


Atto assenso rilascio passaporto a minore da genitori extra-UE NON regolarmente soggiornanti in Italia

Atto assenso rilascio passaporto a minore da genitori extra-UE NON regolarmente soggiornanti in Italia

To request the Act of consent (for minor children) to be presented in Italy or in other diplomatic representations – consulars abroad you must book an appointment for “Consular Services”, submit the completed form (which must be signed in front of the official and the cash payment of art.  19 – tariffe consolari. Payment must not be made if your passport is required at the Embassy of Panama ONLY for citizens residing in this consular district.

The signing of the agreement must take place at a date close to or at the same time as the request for the passport. Acts of consent with dates prior to six months from the date of the request shall not be accepted.

In the absence of the consent of the other parent for the issue of the passport of their minor child, The Consul – in his capacity as Judge Protecting minors residing in the consular district under his jurisdiction – can authorize the issuance of the passport to the applicant by means of a special consular decree, after carrying out the ritual inspections.


To request the issuance of the decree, you must submit:

  • the request form, in which the reasons for the refusal and the reasons why the refusal is considered unjustified must be indicated. The request must include the address and contact details (telephone and e-mail) of the parent not consenting;
    payment of art. 31 of the diritti consolari


Where to request the service:

  • presenting the interested Italian citizen at the Embassy of Italy in Panama, booking an appointment for “passports” through the portal Prenota@mi 

The consular decree procedure is to be considered of an exceptional and judicial nature, therefore it can be used only in case of absolute impossibility to obtain the act of consent provided by law.

If the minor children are resident in another consular district or in Italy, the application must be submitted to the Consul or to the Juvenile Court of the place of residence of the children.