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Passports and identity cards

The Embassy issues a second-generation electronic passport using the most modern technologies, which offer higher standards of security, where the fingerprints of the person concerned (from 12 years). The obligation to include fingerprints in passports was laid down in European legislation, in particular by Regulation (EC) No. 2252 of 2004 (as amended by Regulation (EC) No 444/2009), which set it in motion on 29 June 2009. The obligation to include fingerprints in passports has been established. The issuance of the electronic passport with fingerprints and the digitized signature requires the physical presence of the compatriot at the Consulate.

Requirements for the issue (also renewal) of passports and documents to be submitted for adults and minors:

  • Be an Italian citizen,
  • Be enrolled in the A.I.R.E. (Italian Registry Office Abroad) of the Italian Embassy in Panama.,
  • Registration must be confirmed by receiving the email from the Embassy. If the applicant has changed his address of residence IT IS NECESSARY to UPDATE it through the Fast It platform. In case of failure to update, it will not be possible to issue your passport. The passport will be handed over after 3 weeks from the moment of submission of the actual application,
  • For the issue of the first passport it is essential to present a copy of a valid identification document.
    You can request the renewal of your passport from 6 months before the expiry of the same,
  • If descendant of Italians, the passport can be required only after recognition of Italian citizenship (see citizenship).

For citizens not registered with the A.I.R.E., the Embassy must compulsorily request the Nulla Osta / Delega to the competent Authority (Italian Police Headquarters or Consulate of current residence). In this case the passport will be issued only after obtaining the Authorization/ Delegation. In such cases, release times may be longer.

A passport is a travel or identification document issued by:

  • in Italy by the Questure;
  • abroad by diplomatic and consular representations;

Where can I get my passport?

  • presenting the Italian citizen at the Embassy of Italy in Panama by appointment online for “passport” through the portal Prenot@mi

The temporal validity of the passport differs according to the holder’s age:

  • for children under 3 years the validity is 3 years;
  • for children from 3 to 18 years the validity is 5 years;
  • for adults the validity is 10 years.

Passport documents for citizens over 18 years of age

  • Users already holding an Italian passport must present the old passport for the issuance of the new passport,
  • n. 2 photos 4 x 4, white background, front,
  • cash payment of art. 27 issue art.27 (A+B), of the table of consular fees (the fees quoted change quarterly, please check the amount);
  • Documents to be submitted for nationals with minors

If the applicant has underage children, it is necessary to fill out a replacement declaration of certification regarding the absence of measures that may prevent the issuance of the passport (as per provisions contained in art. 20 of Decree-Law n. 69 of 13 June 2023).

For further information on the act of consent please read the current legislation at the following link: Act of Consent

Passport for citizens under 18

  • For residents of the Panama constituency, the day of the appointment the minor must be present and must necessarily be accompanied with both parents,
  • Applicants who have reached the age of 12 must go to the Embassy of Italy in Panama for fingerprinting;
  • The passport issued to a minor does not change upon reaching the age of majority and remains valid until the expiry of the same.

Necessary documents:

  • users already in possession of an Italian passport must present at the appointment the expired passport that will be simultaneously cancelled;
  • n. 2 photos 4 x 4, white background, front;
  • cash payment of art. 27issue of art.27 (A+B), of the table of consular fees (the fees quoted change quarterly, please check the amount);
  • For the issuance of passports to children under the age of 18, minors accompanied by their parents must be present, bearing the identity documents of the child and parents.
    act of consent of parents (See the act of assent);
  • In case of theft or loss of the passport, interested parties must book the appointment through the service Book and file the report of theft made in front of the Police Authorities of the place, which is indicated the entity that issued the document and, if possible, its number and date of issue.

If the passport or other Italian identification documents belonged to a minor, the complaint must be filed by the parents at the Consular Chancellery on the day of the appointment (or by who exercises parental authority). It is essential to indicate the passport number to which the complaint relates.

Travel by accompanied minors

Temporary travel document (E.T.D.) Emergency Travel Document

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