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SPID (Public Digital Identity System)

Please note: from 1 April 2026, access to online consular services will only take place with a public digital identity. Request your credentials by 31 December 2025.


What is SPID (Public Digital Identity System)?

SPID, Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale (Public Digital Identity System), is the solution that allows access to the online services of the Public Administration and participating private entities with a single Digital Identity (username and password) that can be used easily and securely from computers, tablets and smartphones, every time you find the “Log in with SPID” button on a service site or app.

Is it free?

Yes, the use of SPID is free of charge. Requesting the SPID is also free, but some forms of recognition by operators may charge a fee. Once obtained, no costs or fees will be charged.

Who can apply for the SPID?

All citizens over the age of 18, in possession of a valid Italian document, can activate the SPID by contacting one of the digital identity managers recognised by the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale and choosing between different recognition methods.

Who can I contact to obtain the SPID?

You can turn to one of the digital identity managers accredited by the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale. You can find all the activation procedures on the Request SPID page.

What documents do I need?

To apply for and obtain your SPID credentials you will need:

  • An e-mail address
  • The phone number of the mobile phone you normally use (even a foreign one)
  • A valid Italian identity document (one of the following: identity card, passport, driving licence). During registration it may be necessary to photograph them and attach them to the form you will fill in
  • Your tax code (in the absence of a tax code, you can request it at the consular office. Click here to find out how to request it at this Consulate)

What do I have to do to obtain the SPID?

Choose one of the Identity providers ( and register on their site.

Registration consists of 3 steps:

  1. Enter your personal data
  2. Create your SPID credentials
  3. Carry out the registration in one of several ways
    1. In person at the offices of digital identity managers (identity providers);
    2. Online (via webcam with an operator provided by the provider or with an audio-video selfie together with a bank transfer)
    3. With the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or electronic passport, identifying oneself through the providers’ apps that can be downloaded from the stores;
    4. With the National Services Card (CNS): the health card can also be used;
    5. With a digital signature using a reader (e.g. smart card) and the corresponding pin.

The time required to issue a digital identity depends on the individual Identity Provider.

How to choose between different Identity Providers?

Identity providers provide different ways of registering for free or for a fee, and their SPIDs have different levels of security.

The table here ( provides an up-to-date picture of the situation. In particular, it is advisable to focus on the following parameters.

  • Choose the mode of recognition that is most convenient for you (in person, via Electronic Identity Card (CIE)*, National Services Card (CNS), Biometric Passport, Digital Signature or via webcam).
  • Choose based on the level of SPID security you need.
  • If you are already a customer of one of the Identity Providers, you may have a simplified registration process.
  • If you are an Italian citizen resident abroad, pay attention to who offers the service for foreign countries: choose the Identity Provider that displays the ‘World’ or ‘EU’ icon.
  • Remember that you can also obtain the SPID remotely using the CIE, CNS, Biometric Passport and digital signature. Visit the websites of the different providers to check the conditions of issue and choose the one most useful for you.

Where can you use the SPID?

At this link you can search through the SPID-enabled services of more than 4000 administrations and find the list of private service providers.

And from abroad?

With SPID credentials, you can already access the Minstry of Foreign Affairs’ “Fast It” portal dedicated to consular services (

Frequently asked questions:

Video tutorials: visit the institutional site for video tutorials on recognition via webcam, recognition in person and online recognition.

[Source of information on this page:, to which we refer for updates and further information].

For further information visit:

Warning: the SPID is not issued by Embassies and Consular Offices, but can be obtained by following the instructions given in the attached flyer or by going to, to the page dedicated to Italians living abroad.