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 The Italian Embassy does NOT authorize any intermediary for the management and application of the visa.

All Schengen visa application forms type C/D are FREE and available in the module section

The visa application must be made directly at the Embassy of Italy in Panama, prior request by appointment directly to the mail presenting at the Embassy the documentation required for the type of visa for which you want to postulate (consult the requirements) the chosen day of the appointment.

All applicants for VSU (Uniform Schengen Visa (Type “C”), valid for transit and stay in the territory of all member states, with a maximum duration of 90 days every 180 days (to see consular’s fee), regardless of place of residence, will have to go directly to the Italian Embassy in Panama, because the corrisponding fingerprints will have to be acquired.

The panameninas citizens are excluded by the VISA’s application when they travel to the Schengen Area for reasons for/on the grounds for turisme/business/mission/sport’s challenge/study/invite for a maxium of 90 days within the time frame of 180 days. Since of days begins on the first day of entry into the Schengen territory (the entry stamp affixed to the passport shall be taken as proof).

Recomendly to pay attention at the oficial website “Visto per l’Italia“, ”, of stranger’ rights and duties concern the entry and to the stay in Italy and the rest of Schengen territory according to the type of visa held.

We inform you that from 15 February 2016 the fees to be charged corresponding to the administrative costs for processing the application for a National Study Visa will amount to Euro 50.00.

  • We inform you that the Italian Embassy in Panamà is responsible, for all accreditation States, for issuing visas for entry into Italy to foreign citizens subject to the visa requirement.


Processing to release VISAS’ ingress into Italy

To find out if you need a visa and for information regarding the requirements for obtaining an entry visa, please consult the Visa Section of the website of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The informations provided on this site refers only to holders of ordinary travel documents. Holders of diplomatic or service passports are requested to contact the Italian Diplomatic or Consular Representations for specific information.

The informations reported into the website, direct to facilitating the forein citizen that understand to ask a VISA for to entry in Italy, have value clearly indicative and not exausted. For further information, interested parties may contact the Italian Diplomatic Representation or the Consulate in charge of the place of permanent residence.

Please note that in order to apply you must complete the relevant forms.

In order to submit your visa application, please follow these steps:


Residents at Panamà:

Have to present directly at the Embassy of Panamà.

Have to present directly at the Embassy of Panamà.


Residents at others accreditation states

  • They must present the documentation to the Honorary Consular Office of the respective district of residence.
  • The competent consular office receives the documentation and receives the corresponding consular fee.
  • The documents will be sent to the Embassy in Panama that, after examining the application, in case of favorable outcome, will proceed to the affixing of the visa and return to the competent Consulate.
  • The amount for the shipment and for the return of the travel document will be charged to the applicant

You visit the website Visto per l’Italia for information concerning all types of visas (national and Shengen) an application under Italian law and applicable to all nationalities.